Judith Guido, Guido & Associates

I am turning a nightmare into a celebration of life and will make my front yard the most healing, therapeutic and healthy garden you’ve ever seen.

Judy Guido

Judith Guido, Chairwoman and Founder of Guido & Associates, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Guido & Associates, a Business Management company working in the areas of Strategy, Processes/Systems, Research, Sales, Marketing/PR, Branding, Social Media, Mergers/Acquisitions, Green and Sustainable Markets, Women and Boomer Markets, focuses on helping organization grow their people and profits.

Prior to founding her own business management practice, Guido was the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Valley Crest, the nations largest privately held landscape management and development company, whose brands include Valley Crest Landscape, Valley Crest Land Development, Valley Crest Golf, Valley Crest Tree and Nursery and the 125 U.S. Lawns franchises. Guido was chief marketing officer and senior vice president, of business development and strategic alliances for Cirqit, a New Jersey-based e-commerce technology and consulting company. She also served as the Senior Marketing, Sales and Strategy executive with ServiceMaster ($6.5 billion in revenues), some of whose brands include TruGreen-Landcare, TruGreen –Chemlawn (including both the exterior and interior business) and Terminix. Judy is an advisor and board of director for the Yellowstone Landscape Group.


On July 5, 2017, Judy Guido was randomly attacked by a psychotic landscaper who was working at her home at the time. He chased and struck her multiple times with an axe. She survived the horrific incident through what she describes as spontaneously using her strategic and execution abilities as an advisor, and has since recovered from a brain injury. Judy is remarkable in many ways, but what I see in her is a mental and emotional toughness that we all could use.

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