Coaches Corner Featuring Judith Guido

Judith Guido, Chairwoman and Founder of Guido & Associates, was featured on the January 2, 2021 episode of our Coaches Corner Podcast, during which BJ Gray, the founder of GrayMatter Coaching, discussed 2021.

Guido & Associates, a Business Management company working in the areas of Strategy, Processes/Systems, Research, Sales, Marketing/PR, Branding, Social Media, Mergers/Acquisitions, Green and Sustainable Markets, Women and Boomer Markets, focuses on helping organization grow their people and profits.

The W2W Coaches Corner is a weekly episodic podcast during which our team of experts bring you valuable insights and inspiration from their work with executives and entrepreneurs from across the country!

Our coaches include BJ Gray, whose experience as a top executive with Fortune 500 companies gives her a unique understanding of what both employees and companies need to be successful. She started GrayMatter Coaching to help leaders improve their inner game.

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