Heather Kernahan, Hotwire Global

I think it’s our responsibility as leaders to do the hard things so that we are representative of all women leaders in the best way possible.

Heather Kernahan

Heather Kernahan, CEO, North America at Hotwire Global, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, December 27, 2020.

Heather has spent her entire career immersed in technology, and moved over to Hotwire from Eastwick Communications after its acquisition in 2016.

She is now President, North America for Hotwire and as well as agency experience she have a wide range of in-house knowledge. At Autodesk, Heather focused on integrated brand communications and led the development of the company’s first sustainability report. As Enphase Energy’s global marketing director, she played an integral role in Enphase’s successful IPO and aggressive expansion into Europe.

Heather is a fierce advocate and practitioner of integrated marketing and believe deeply that customers are at the heart of successful communications strategies. A published author, she also holds an MBA from Dominican University.

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My conversation with Heather was like sitting down with a friend talking about life. Heather shared candidly the story of growing up without her Dad in her life, and how watching her Mom do what she needed to do to take care of her, was the greatest lesson in how to be independent.  Heather is the finest example of what comes when you set goals for yourself, and stay dedicated to what brings you joy.

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