Sophie Ruddock, Multiverse

“Staying connected to my friends and family is what I lean on during stressful times like we’ve experienced these past few years.”

Sophie Ruddock

Sophie Ruddock, VP and General Manager of Multiverse, North America, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, February 20th, 2022.

A founding member of Multiverse, a tech startup focused on high-quality education and training through professional apprenticeships, Sophie is a former impact investor and consultant. After helping Multiverse grow its delivery operations over the last four years, she made the jump to NYC, where she now leads its US team.


Sophie grew up in London and had a love of business from a very young age. At 7 she opened her first lemonade stand and was immediately thinking about ways to keep production going! She is also a ferocious reader and her first book, Noughts & Crosses, left an imprint on her curiosity around racism and how she could serve to fight it. A heavy topic for a little girl but one that makes sense now as she continues to look for ways to mentor those who need it.

Listen to our interview with Sophie below!

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