Lidija Markovic Rosati, Momentum Strategies

“My biggest breakthrough came when I left the safety of the corporate world and investment banking to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship with a soul.” 

-Lidija Markovic Rosati

Lidija Markovic Rosati, CEO of Momentum Strategies Coaching & Training, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, February 20, 2022.

Lidija is an unconventional entrepreneur, master coach, and an overall corporate hippy, who travels the world coaching budding entrepreneurs, teams, corporations, and awesome females to take their ideas off the ground and turn them into reality, inspiring them to nurture their dreams, to enjoy building and growing their businesses, to enjoy profits, while cultivating the powerful art of hustling gently.

Her work is mindfully created and consciously inspired. She is an accredited Business and Performance Strategist, Strategic Leadership expert, NLP Trainer (Classic and New code), Master Coach, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Deep PEAT Practitioner, Integra Protocol Practitioner, and an expert in non-verbal communication, international public speaker.

She has been in Tony Robbins’s UPW volunteer crew team since 2005, supporting and helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and going for their dreams. The environment inspired her to complete Tony Robbins’s Mastery University.

She studied NLP from its co-creator Dr. John Grinder, Energetic NLP from its creator Art Giser, who is her mentor and spiritual teacher. She studied Pranic Healing from Antoine Delabarre, from the Master Choc Kok Sui’s School.

Lidija believes that we owe to ourselves the deepest and the most authentic version of ourselves, and in pursuing her thirst for new learnings and experiences, she spent some time in Kyoto, Japan, at the Shunkoin Temple, studying Zen Buddhist meditation.


When Lidija was young she began to have panic attacks that became a routine part of her life. After every excuse she could find for why it was happening, she had a breakthrough and realized she was anxious because she was not living the life that was meant for her. The decision to leave her job to create a life on her own terms changed everything.

Listen to our interview with Lidija below!

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