Sarah Zubiate, Zubi’s

“Meeting my birth mother at age 19 led to a fundamental shift in who I was and helped me make sense of the questions I had all along.”

Sarah Zubiate

Sarah Zubiate, Founder & CEO of Zubi’s, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, November 14th, 2021.

Being raised in the El Paso/Juarez area, Sarah grew up on incredible, family meals centered around her mother Gloria’s “famous” salsa. Because Sarah was known to “spice things up”, she shamelessly would add several helpings of lime juice and cayenne pepper to her bowl…leading to what came to be known as “Sarah’s Salsa”.

Upon the success of this spiced up salsa, Sarah expanded her cooking expertise by transforming the traditional, often unhealthy staple hispanic dips – crema and queso – into healthy, allergen-free, plant-based alternatives.

For Sarah, this was something she not only wanted to do for her family – many of which suffer from various health issues as well as dairy intolerances – but for others too. With a dedication to better health alternatives, Sarah developed healthy, flavorful products with the mentality of “ZUBI’s for Everyone” because she envisioned a world and community brought together through delicious, nutritious food (no matter one’s dietary lifestyle or preference).

Sarah launched ZUBI Farms and Facility in November 2019. From the beginning, Sarah has focused on ensuring that her dedicated Farm and Facility are zero-waste, certified organic, and always free from the top-8 allergens.


Sarah grew up humbly in El Paso TX with a loving family and a gift for numbers. Beneath the surface however she questioned why she was so different from her parents. She would later learn she was adopted and it all became clear. What both families shared however was a love of food and so she set out to produce a healthy version of the latin cuisine.

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