Rania Badreldin, The Happiness Consultant

Rania Badreldin, Egyptian Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner, Happiness Consultant, and a mother of three beautiful kids. Rania is the Founder and CEO of The Family Hub social enterprise which publishes Mother & Child, a bilingual digital platform contributing to the well-being of families and mothers in Egypt. It helps moms navigate through the very challenging journey of being a mom through covering topics from pregnancy to nutrition, childcare, health, and parenting.

Mother & Child is one of Egypt’s most trusted and accurate sources of information in the field of parenting and childcare. We source our content (articles and videos) from doctors and experts who regularly contribute to the platform.” Rania stated

Rania has also put together a network of family experts in the field of parenting that works in partnership with governmental entities to spread knowledge and increase the well-being and functionality of families on a nationwide level.

The Family Experts Network is a dream come true. My aim with what I’ve been passionately doing over the past 23 years, has always been to reach and contribute positively to every home in Egypt. So, this project which is in collaboration with the government is exciting as it gives us access to millions of families! “Rania added

Rania decided to become a Happiness Consultant at the beginning of 2018 after going through a period of growth and realizing that this is what she’s always wanted; helping people learn more about themselves and each other, to create their own definition of happiness and live a fulfilling life of their own design.

I realized that happiness is something people want, but they don’t spend much time and effort figuring out and defining what it really means to them and choosing it. I facilitate happiness workshops and work with individuals to help them find the happiness that is already inside them.” Rania said

Rania believes that self-love is the igniting fuel that allows you to spread love to others and be kind to all beings. She aims to bring people together through happiness.

“Always put your love glasses on when you meet new people, look for what you like; look for something good. There might be something that you think is odd but find something you can relate to, we are all humans after all. This will change how you perceive the world, you will approach everything with a mindset of love. There is so much beauty in this simple practice.”

Rania Badreldin

Rania talks to Women to Watch Media about love, fear, family, life, achievements, and happiness…

Name something that guides both your personal and professional development and helps you regain focus during challenging times.

‘Love’ is the first answer that came to my mind. I don’t separate between my personal and professional life, as I believe that there is only one life and one me. I do things I love, with love.

One average day last year, my mother asked me to do something for my dad. I did it, and then I had a meeting with my team, went back home to cook and do some things around the house and on my laptop. At the end of the day, I realized that I love everything I did during the day and I did it with love, even the things that looked like chores. I made a decision that day to wake up every day and simply do what I love and do it with love. A lot has changed for me since then: my happiness level, my well-being; and the opportunities that have come my way.

My family is my top priority, loving and being kind to myself is also very important because it allows me to give more love and care to the people around me. Of course, I have fears and I face challenges sometimes, but these are just normal feelings that I acknowledge and then decide to dust off and move past. Knowing that we always have the choice to overcome negative thoughts and feelings is very empowering.

What is your definition of happiness?

I don’t have a specific definition yet; I’m forming it as I go along. For now, the definition I like is: Following your highest excitement, with integrity and zero attachment to the outcome. When you do all three, that’s when you feel happy, because you are doing something that you love with no expectations. Just follow what really excites you, do it with integrity and be true to yourself and your values. There’s no failure, only lessons. If what I’m working towards doesn’t materialize then something better will come along.

Another source of happiness is having the harmony between what you think, what you say and what you do. This alignment will give you internal peace.

What do you believe is at the core of women’s hesitation to step out and pursue leadership roles where they are?

Fear of failure and worrying about what people might think. Women need to start questioning these fears and overcoming them. We shouldn’t care about peoples’ opinions of what we decide to do, women need to break the barriers they put for themselves. They need to question the values they identify with and form their own values based on what they want, how they see life and how they want to live it. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay, just pursue what you want and what makes you happy.

Tell us one of your greatest professional accomplishments, and why it meant so much to you

The recent formation of The Family Experts network, a consolidated network of experts across select fields, dedicated to promoting the well-being of families in Egypt on a national scale. It is Egypt’s go-to network of trusted experts, working for social and behavioral change. The network offers technical consultations, training and content development, collaborating on nation-wide campaigns, policies and initiatives.

I believe in collaboration and working together towards the greater good. The reason we got this opportunity to work with the government is our track record of providing our audience with reliable, professional and accurate content for so many years. This accomplishment is not only mine; credit goes to every single person who contributed to the social enterprise since its establishment in 1995.

The world is a scary place – how do you manage fear and anxiety in both your work and personal life?

Being an NLP and Hypnosis master practitioner and coach, I have learned tools and techniques that reduce fear and anxiety. I have also learned to have faith in myself and in my ability to overcome future obstacles, and to accept and deal with negative emotions. And I have better control over my thoughts.

When you get negative thoughts, invite them in but don’t serve them tea, just let them pass through your mind and let them go.

What do you believe will be the greatest benefit to having more women as leaders in the world?

Women tend to show more empathy and compassion; they bring something different to the table. The more diversity we have in the workplace and in the world, the more value there is. We get exposed to different ways of dealing with situations, different opinions and perspectives, and different ways of getting things done.

What role should men play in supporting more gender diversity?

I would love to see men, and people in general, start to look beyond gender. Meanwhile, I think businesses should consider hiring more women and having women on boards, while women can show the value that more gender diversity would bring by being true to themselves, doing what they want to do and succeeding at it, thus becoming inspiring role models that people look up to.

We need to showcase more female role models, and I would love to see women supporting and lifting each other.

What’s the meaning of life to you?

I think it’s love again, it’s all about love. Loving yourself, doing what you love, loving others. To me, that’s what it’s about.

You come to this earth to learn love and to fill in those gaps of what you aren’t loving, whether it’s not loving yourself or not loving certain types of people. Then the more you learn to accept, the more you love. Your heart is a muscle, the more you train it by loving more, the bigger it becomes. It might seem hard to love everyone and everything, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes. I think that’s what life is all about.

What advice would you give to women around the world?

I would advise them to take the time to really figure out what they want out of life and what’s important to them and then go for it. I would advise them to do things because they WANT to not because they HAVE to. Be yourself, put yourself out there and follow your own dreams.

Written by Yasmeen Smadi

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