Girls to Watch: Neha Raman, Rungh

Disrupting the Nail Polish Industry


Ladies, we’ve all been there: at the nail salon or in the cosmetics aisle looking for the perfect nail polish color. Picking the right color is truly important and somewhat of an overwhelming task. Finding the right polish that complements your favorite outfit, your personality and even your skin color can be a daunting and expensive task. It’s frustrating when I purchase what I think might be the right color polish and it turns out to be a dud when I match it up with my favorite outfit. There’s got to be a better way!

Turns out there is.

I met a young woman who is truly disrupting the nail polish industry and is determined to make her mark. Her name is Neha Raman and she is the founder of Rungh Cosmetics in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

As soon as I met Neha, I instantly knew she was a beauty guru. I also picked up on the fact that this girl knows her stuff about nail polish! Neha informed me, on average, she would have over 200 nail polish bottles, but always needed more. She was tired of the lack of creativity a “normal” bottle of nail polish gave her. Playing with different polish colors to create the perfect shade was very exciting to her. The more and more she experimented, the closer she came to solving a common problem in the beauty industry. Neha took to the internet to see if there was a solution. After weeks of researching, she realized no one has come up with an easy fix.

That’s when Neha had her “aha moment.”

Neha was in high school when her DIY nail polish idea came to her. Excited to get started, Neha set out to research everything she needed to know to make her concept a realty. She researched manufacturing, polish chemicals, color pigments and most importantly, how her product could be safe for everyday users. Neha and her family tested everything until they had it just right. She would spend her days in classes and her nights and weekends testing thousands of color combinations and molds to make sure her concept was perfect. After many late nights and long weekends, she developed the finished product to allow people to create their perfect nail polish color with 18 color capsules in one set. The best part? You can create your perfect color in less than one minute. Talk about saving time!

Neha’s passion won’t stop at nail polish. Her goal is to create a full line of cosmetic products and sell them in her own beauty store. Neha’s always know she was meant to do something great. And she’s right; she’s already made a huge mark in the cosmetic nail polish industry.

Purchase your very own Rungh Nail Polish kit today and let us know what you think!


By Julie Green Davis

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