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Candida knew from a very young age that she wanted to help people. Initially, she thought about medicine as an avenue to do just that. She soon learned however that the road to becoming a doctor may not be feasible for her, so she turned to business instead. She also learned that she had a gift for connecting with people, and connecting people to each other….a gift that lead directly to her work with leaders of company’s from around the globe.

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Full Biography

Candida Seasock is an innovative business advisor who focuses on serving mid-size companies. She specializes in enabling client growth, both through internal executive teams and through external advisory boards. These then support the company vision, culture of innovation, and improvements in operations.

As a professional advisor to many senior executives in the Delaware Valley, Candida focuses on businesses that are interested in strategic growth. Candida has developed her own award-winning approach, the “Growth Path to Success.” This approach is based on targeted business development, strategic marketing and the fostering of strong, long-term client relationships. It includes implementation of 360-degree processes in operations, sales, human capital and technology, ensuring that clients are delighted with excellent customer service.

Candida has successfully assisted management teams ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to emerging growth companies, but she is best known for her ability to build high-value market recognition for mid-size companies.

Candida understands how to quickly generate business opportunities, identify revenue streams, and develop marketing cycles. Everything she does is based on sound management and personal ethics. She rejects the transactional mentality in business and refrains from working with companies that do not value and respect the inherent human aspect with employees and customers.

Prior to 2004, Candida held positions as Partner, VP of Sales, CIO, and Controller in organizations such as Deloitte, Grant Thornton International and Unisys, as well as several mid-size companies in industries ranging from supply chain to manufacturing.

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