Lori Shemtob, Shemtob Dragonosky Taylor

The greatest advice I ever received was from my husband. Get rid of the rear-view mirror, make decisions and always move forward.

Lori Shemtob

Lori Shemtob, Partner with Shemtob Dragonosky Taylor, shared the story behind her title with us on September 15, 2019.

Lori certainly had a great example of hard work growing up. Her father was a Butcher who often started his days at 4am, and worked til 6pm! Filling in on weekends gave Lori her first experience working directly with the public, and it served her well as a nationally recognized family attorney in Philadelphia. Losing both her father and brother at a young age taught her life’s greatest lesson.

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Lori K. Shemtob – Family Law Attorney – September 15, 2019


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