Lili Hall, KNOCK

I would say my Mom was the inspiration for my drive as she was always on me to do my very best at whatever I was doing.

Lili Hall

Lili Hall, Founder, CEO and President of KNOCK, inc., a Minneapolis-based independent creative agency leading strategic brand development and design thinking on a national and international scale, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

Lili founded KNOCK in 2001 with a commitment to impeccable client service and a nimble response to new entrepreneurial opportunities. Lili’s teams design powerful experiences that matter — connecting customers to brands in all categories and disciplines. Additionally, she owns two sister companies: TREAT AND COMPANY, a strategic design studio; and NEIGHBOR, a video and animation company.

Born in Chicago to a Brazilian mother and an Irish-American father, Lili lived as a young girl in Recife, Brazil, before moving to Minneapolis to attend high school. Fluent in English and Portuguese, she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and from McGill University with a Master of Management. Lili worked in sales and marketing on both corporate and agency sides before starting her own venture. Along the way, she married an Italian special education teacher and is a proud mother to two daughters. In her nearly 20 years in business, Lili has always supported Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, investing heavily in talent, partnerships and sponsorships that support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). An entrepreneur at heart, she lives passionately for connecting people and opportunities, is mentor to countless young adults, and sits on numerous nonprofit boards, including the Global Thinkers Forum, C200, and the Walker Art Center.

Named one of EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women, and Most Admired CEO by Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, Lili measures success not only in the culture, growth and profitability of her company, but in the impact it makes on communities — both at home and around the world.


In hearing Lili’s story, I was reminded of the truth behind the importance of diversity and why it matters. Lili spent her early years living in Brazil and speaking Portuguese. She then moved with her family to the U.S. and had to learn English. This experience gave her empathy for people of all walks of life because she understood what it felt like to not fit in. Ultimately, it became a gift that attributed greatly to the success of her company and relationships with people.

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Lili Hall – KNOCK Inc – August 2, 2020

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