Kim Players, Master Your Drone

IMG_1480Chief Executive Officer of Master Your Drone

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Full Biography

Kim has spent the past 25 years in sales and marketing, public speaking and as a master trainer.

Her ability as a visionary, educator, and team leader has given her boundless opportunities as an entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

Her interest in Drones began at a speaking event when one of her colleagues brought a drone. A story of search and rescue was told as the drone was displayed. Her WHY was ignited and the How became her passion. Now as a FAA certified commercial drone pilot and skilled operator, she is focused on educating and inspiring others in drone safety, performance, and possibilities in the marketplace. Come fly with Kplay, the view from the top is simply marvelous!

Kim grew up as a true blue “Navy Bratt.” She was born in Scotland and adopted by her American parents when they were stationed in Scotland. She boarded a ship and sail across the Atlantic to the States at the wee age of 2 yrs young where her travels continued, moving 17 times in 18 years with her military family.

Settling in Los Angelos, CA after High School Kim was lured in by the crazy life of drugs and rock & roll. Deep inside always feeling she was meant for something more. At the age of 25 she walked away and became completely transformed. She found, God, fitness, love, and her first entrepreneurial endeavor as a Personal Fitness Trainer for professional body builders. From there she started training couple and found her niche. She was known for her transformational energy and workouts. Passion ignited and a purpose driven life enjoyed!

That was many moons ago. Now Kim is the Mother of two fabulous & focused daughters and has been married to her biggest fan Jeffrey for 29 years. Several businesses have moved her through life with passion, purpose, and exhilaration. Sales, speaking, training, and now drones which Kim embraces as a celebration of all her life’s experiences. “I love assisting people to find their passion, create their purpose, reach their goals, and celebrate life with them!

Come fly with Kplay, the view from the sky is simply spectacular!

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