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On March 25, 2018 we shared the story behind the title of Dr. Marianne Ritchie, a Gastroenterologist with Jefferson University Hospital and host of Your Radio Doctor, the only all-medical radio show in Philadelphia each Sunday at 10 am EST.

Dr. Ritchie is a gastroenterologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She received her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College and has been in practice for more than 20 years. She is one of 60 doctors at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital who specialize in Gastroenterology.

Dr. Ritchie was one of the first female gastroenterologists practicing in the Philadelphia area. She has been a leading advocate for over thirty years. Ritchie developed the PINK PLUS triple cancer screening program for women, and she also launched the BLUE LIGHTS CAMPAIGN for Colon Cancer Awareness.

Marianne is married to Dr. Stuart Gordon. They have three children and are avid dog lovers. Dr. Ritchie is also a member of national and international medical societies, a board member of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and a recognized author and public speaker.

Dr. Ritchie is also the Health Watch Contributor on our Watch Team®. Each week she brings you health news and inspiration throughout the show!


Marianne is a woman who’s love of connecting with others and leading through example has lead to her success throughout her professional career as well as her personal life.

Listen to our interview with Dr. Ritchie below!

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