Vicki Barghout

Vicki_Cancerguide.jpgVicki Barghout has been an executive leading various pharmaceutical divisions in the health care industry. With VEB Healthcare, her recent roles has been focusing on strategy and pricing within Novartis Oncology, Eisai Inc, and small Biotechs. Previously, she was the lead for the Global Novartis HEOR program for Bimagrumab in which her work was pivotal in the FDA accelerated launch and break through status of Bimagrumab.

She has worked on multiple drug launches and post-launch activities focusing on oncology, gastroenterology, neurology, primary care, women’s health, and diagnostics.

A woman who’s own journey with Cancer began just prior to the birth of her second born, and led to her mission to provide a simple and fact based guide to living a healthy life. To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Vicki and learn more about her amazing story, listen below.

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