Tracy Davidson

tracy-davidsonTracy Davidson has been connecting with people for over 30 years, both through her position as a news-anchor and as a highly coveted empowerment speaker. At these speaking events, Tracy bravely reveals her own life experiences and shares learned skills which have enabled her to overcome formidable challenges from childhood and empowered her to become the success she is today.

Tracy’s warm and engaging style amplifies her natural ability to connect with audiences and lead them to an authentic dialogue. Tracy’s mission in life is to empower women both personally and professionally. Her talks help teach women how to transform their lives by focusing their time, energy and attention, and embracing their true selves. Tracy also brings her inspirational message and useful instruction to church groups and spiritual retreats.

A woman who’s work goes well outside the realm of news reporting and into giving back in the areas of hunger, domestic violence and consumer welfare in the city of Philadelphia. To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Tracy and learn more about her amazing story, listen below.

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