Tracey G. Sameyah, Lancer Skincare & Dermatology

Play to win, not to be right.

Tracey G. Sameyah

Tracey G. Sameyah, CEO of Lancer Skincare & Lancer Dermatology, shared the story behind her title with us on September 4, 2022.

Throughout her 25+-year career, Tracey has become known as a founder whisperer, delivering epic wins for brands such as Lancer, Murad, and Dermalogica.

Tracey is an unapologetic revolutionary who propels the growth engine by unleashing innovative solutions worthy of a cult following and celebrity endorsements while staying true to the founder’s vision and the brand’s essence.

Recognized for her egoless demeanor, Tracey is a natural at cutting through politics and aligning teams behind winning strategies. An expert dealmaker, she unlocks expansion, sponsorship, licensing, exit, and M&A opportunities by steering business development efforts at the highest levels of business and society.

Tracey’s own career is an authentic success story based on ascent through the ranks of the beauty industry.

Her leadership track record begins in salon management and culminates in President and CEO roles for founder-led brands that were acquired for up to $1B and sharpened P&L for businesses with teams of up to 300 and annual revenues of up to $150M.

Currently CEO of Lancer Skincare and Lancer Dermatology, Tracey has successfully used the underpinning of Lancer Dermatology to further enhance the trustworthy positioning of Lancer Skincare with a more relative and inclusive message for all consumers. With a precise and strategic lens, Tracey has fiercely cascaded the Lancer brand from its original prestige origins to new heights via major deals with QVC, Amazon, Asian-Pacific and Middle Eastern distributors. As CEO, Tracey is responsible for leading Lancer’s overall vision and strategy, financial objectives, and crisis management, as well as new business development for the skincare brand’s global business ventures. With over 20 years of vast experience formulating scalable growth strategies for founder-led beauty and wellness brands, Tracey has leveraged a fierce education in the skincare industry which propels her unique approach to Lancer’s brand performance.

A respected industry leader, mentor, and power networker, Tracey is active on Linkedin and has recently joined the Exclusive CHIEF network to further champion women to leadership positions.

Tracey has a uniquely international profile. Born in London, she was raised between Iran and the UK and came to the U.S. to launch her career—drawn to its entrepreneurial framework. Her greatest sources of pride include her LAPD officer husband, her USC graduate son, and her daughter who is in law school.  


“Tracey was born in Iran, moved to the UK and landed in the U.S. at the age of 24.  She learned from an early age what resilience is all about and adapted a “flow with life” mentality that has served her well.  Listen in to her conversation with Sue where they talk about how being your true self will often land you in the top spot of an organization.”

Listen to our interview with Tracey below!

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