Tish Squillaro

Tish Squillaro300.jpgCEO and Founder of CANDOR Consulting and Founder of ROADMAP

Tish Squillaro is the Founder of CANDOR, a management consulting firm that helps executives and other thought leaders measurably improve performance and output through their people, while improving the individual employee experience and the overall company culture.

A behavioral management and ‘people’ expert, Tish advises clients undergoing organizational transformation utilizing her extensive experience and the rigor of time tested and recognized assessment tools. She also takes an innovative approach to understanding each company’s needs to develop action-based programs that fuel results – and outcomes that outlast her engagement and can scale with the company.

With her award-winning book HeadTrash, Tish was able to break down many of the individual issues that contribute to organizational difficulties and create a blue print for overcoming “the junk in your head that prevents leaders from being successful.” Tish has since been building programs and services that both effectively change the way leaders create strategies for their challenges or solutions for their problems and eliminate bad behaviors to become effective leaders.

Through her work, Tish recognized the need for more effective and scalable tools to prepare employees for their work environments; tools that would help employees grow within the organization while also providing leadership with a more measurable means of standardizing learning. She founded The Roadmap in 2013 to address this need and has grown it into a highly useful preparation and learning software utilized by financial institutions, colleges & universities, as well as leading businesses.

Ever the entrepreneur, Tish got her start with a goal-oriented and self-confident mindset following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, and satisfied her desire to solve problems by creating the lifestyle business, Doggie Walk Daycare.

Early on, she developed a great feeling for niche markets and realized her talent in personal decision-making, which proved to be a valuable asset for her future efforts.

Within the last 15 years, Tish has risen to the top of her profession advising business leaders around the world with her bold style that is punctuated by her early warning to new clients; “If you don’t feel differently on how you are making decisions after 30 days, I’m doing something wrong.” However, this pressure and fear of failure in the eyes of her clients was Tish’s first personal “head trash” experience.

There were times when Tish needed other people’s credibility in order to be aware of her own independence and self-confidence. Overcoming this type of “head trash” improved her optimistic attitude and made her a sought after advisor to executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies including GSI Commerce, Ebay and USA Today. Recently, she has been fondly referred to as the “CEO Whisperer,” counseling CEOs in strategic planning, resource, talent and project management.