Tina Brown, Overtown Youth Center

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.”

Tina Brown

Tina Brown, the CEO of Overtown Youth Center, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, August 15th, 2021.

Tina is a daughter of Miami – Historic Overtown to be exact – and the powerhouse leader has dedicated her life to improving the lives of those who live, work and play in the community of her birth. 

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Savannah State University; a Master’s Degree in Accounting and more than two decades of experience in the field of accounting and business management for both corporate and non-profit entities.

Today, Tina serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Overtown Youth Center; overseeing both Mourning Family Foundation, & Honey Shine, Inc; with an annual $5 million budget for all for programs; as well as managing a $20 million Capital Campaign Project to reconstruct OYC and expand its programmatic services.  Thus far, $15 million has been raised and the project is scheduled to be complete in the 1st Quarter of 2022.

Due to her lifelong passion of empowering young people, Tina doesn’t take her role lightly or for granted. She believes deeply in changing the narrative of children and families residing in low – socio economic/systemically marginalized communities by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach that levels the playing field.   


I asked Tina why she felt she was able to aim higher than other children who grew up in the tough neighborhood of Overtown, Florida.  It was a teacher, she said.  Her history teacher was a man who took the time and interest in Tina and pointed out her gifts so she would see she had choices in life.  Tina is certain that having a mentor and someone who believed in her, is absolutely what led her down the right path.  Her purpose now is to offer that same hope to other children in Overtown.

Listen to our interview with Tina below!

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