Suzanne Roberts, Actress

Headshot of Suzanne Roberts, Philanthropist, Performer, and Broadcaster.

Suzanne Roberts, host of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne Roberts – A woman who at the age of 93 is still working and looking to better the lives of others.

An award-winning actress, director, producer and television host, Suzanne Roberts has spent a lifetime seeking to help others -using her skills, talent and creativity in innovative ways that have marked a career of leadership in public and community service.

A Philadelphia native, Suzanne’s extensive acting experience served as a springboard for an array of public service involvement, from USO shows to national plays dealing with racism and alcoholism, from award-winning achievements in radio to the creation of groundbreaking political television programming which resulted in her book, The Candidate and Television, distributed to both political parties.

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Suzanne Roberts – Philanthropist, Performer, and Broadcaster

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