Susan Feldman, In The Groove

I grew up trying so hard to please everyone. Now that I’m older, I know it’s ok to say no.

Susan Feldman

Susan Feldman, founder of One King’s Lane and In the Groove, shared the story behind her title with us on October 11th, 2020.

Susan is an age-defying entrepreneur who caters to age-defying women. She worked in retail for over two decades, holding executive roles for Ralph Lauren, Polo and Liz Clairborne before deciding to try her hand at entrepreneurship. She co-founded One Kings Lane, a popular home decor and luxury site that eventually sold to Bed, Bath & Beyond; and In the Groove, a new life-style destination for age-defying women


Susan started one business at age 53 and another at age 63!  How dare anyone say that women are irrelevant after a certain age.  Susan’s love of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and wellness led her to launch a much needed destination for women over a certain age…45 and above. It is a place where we can go for inspiration and resources that allow us to continue to learn, grow and find things that bring us joy.

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