Athena Staton, SheCar

Don’t ever compromise or let yourself be talked out of something you want.

Athena Staton

Athena Staton, CEO & Founder of SheCar, shared the story behind her title with us on Saturday, June 19th and Sunday, June 20th 2021.

Athena Staton’s passion for cars began in high school when she worked as a greeter at a Chevrolet dealership in Fort Lauderdale, Florida until graduating from college in the eighties. Her father was the general manager and he insisted she learn about buying, maintaining and servicing cars of all makes and models, beginning with her first car, a gently used Chevy Impala. Given years on the inside of a dealership, Athena became extremely comfortable shopping for and negotiating the best deal possible with car dealers and salespeople. She carried that uninhibited ease well into adulthood, joyfully assisting friends and relatives in purchasing both new and used cars at bargain prices.

SheCar is her latest venture and is the inspiration for her newly formed non-profit organization, SheCare, Inc. which exists to provide women who are emerging from hardship with reliable and safe vehicles. Together the two organizations serve to provide women and men with honest, transparent, and truthful information about the cost and condition of cars.

Athena also serves as President of Staton Media Group, and co-founder of the non-profit organization Ian Supra Memorial Foundation.


At the age of 10 Athena wanted a Schwinn 10 speed bike that cost $112.00.  Mom and Dad responded with a hard no.  So she took it upon herself to work odd jobs saving $10 a week until that bike was paid off.  That early determination and planning was an obvious sign that Athena would succeed at most anything she put her mind to.  As it turns out, not only did she launch a successful company in a historically male-dominated field, she also launched a non-profit stemming from the sales of SheCar.  Not bad for only three years in!

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