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Stacy Ike, Host of human2human a new digital series and podcast, will share the story behind her title with us on June 21, 2023.

human2human is a space to reimagine interpersonal relationships with others and ultimately ourselves. Created by Stacy Ike, a recovering perfectionist on a deep quest to live more spiritually, healthy and free, she connects to the hearts of some of your favorite celebrities, thought leaders, and tastemakers in an honest, curious, and thoughtfully critical way — largely holding up a mirror for herself, her guests, and the audience to dive into a brave space of self-reflection, healing and human connection, one conversation at a time.

Stacy Ike is a content creator, entrepreneur, and inquisitive storyteller who drives every conversation with passion, purpose, and ease. Her luminous and charismatic personality along with her ability to disarm any guest has allowed her to build a reputation as the host to share the best moments. Memorable interviews with Oprah, Tom Ford, Viola Davis, and Melissa McCarthy amongst others pair well with working alongside companies such as the OWN Network, Hollywood Reporter, Essence, Warner Brothers, and more! Stacy is a content creator, who enjoys partnering with brands to tell stories through elements of healing, abundance, love, and diversity.

Currently, Stacy is the creator and host of a new digital series and podcast, human2human brought to you by the Revolt Podcast Network. Her mission is to bridge the gap through stories and share collective experiences in a safe space of curiosity, community, and connection. When she’s not recording you can find her cancelling plans, re-watching a show she has already seen, or on the phone with one of her siblings. Catch up with Stacy at, or on Instagram and Twitter @onetakestace.

On June 21, 2023
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