Anya Profumo & Jessica Borden, Sidecar Pictures

If you’re working with someone you can not disagree with in a healthy way, you are not working with the right partner.

Anya Profumo & Jessica Borden

Anya Profumo (L) and Jessica Borden (R), the co-founders of Sidecar Pictures, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Anya was born and raised in Los Angeles and began acting very early on. Her love for storytelling evolved further as she branched out into writing and producing. Anya is an avid reader, loves music and movies, and is a crossword puzzle enthusiast.

Jessica is from Northeast, Pennsylvania. She got her BFA in Acting from Syracuse University and moved to Los Angeles shortly after college to work as a professional actor. She began creating short projects with friends and found that she had an affinity for writing and producing. In an effort to grow her ability, she studied development from the ground up, learning as an artist on set and in the theater.

In 2010 Anya & Jessica co-founded Sidecar Pictures and together they developed and co-wrote several series for YARN-Chat Fiction, a mobile entertainment platform. Their work spans a range of genres and formats (including podcasts, video and multi-media).


Jessica and Anya come from two completely different backgrounds and live very different lives today-one a single woman with no kids, and the other married with two. What makes their partnership work is exactly that. Differences are much more interesting when you’re creating content and programming to appeal to a diverse group of women. What they’ve learned is that the key to a great partnership is to “listen.”

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