Saundra Shapiro

smallerx-a-04-14_style_qa_saundra_shapiro_361.jpg Saundra Shapiro, founder and creator of Compassionate Beauty™, a unique centre designed for women undergoing cancer treatment. The idea for such a facility had its spark in 1996, when Saundra was the owner-operator of Beaners Fun Cut for Kids. While working at Beaners, she became close to many of her clients. She wondered how must it feel to sit in a mall salon or a barber shop, with absolutely no privacy, and suffer through the indignity of having her head shaved? Some women must do the best they can in the privacy of their own bathrooms, but they won’t likely have sterile equipment. Saundar knew at that moment that she wanted to do more for women afflicted with cancer.

A woman who is determined to give women facing the treatment of cancer a safe and welcoming place to feel “normal” again. To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Saundra and learn more about her amazing story, listen below.

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