Sarika Gupta Bhattacharya, Biz Divas Foundation

By Manvi Pant

Sarika GUpta.jpgA successful banker, a visionary entrepreneur, a doting mother and a woman of substance, passionate for creating an ‘inclusive ecosystem’. Sarika Gupta Bhattacharya outlines “diversity and inclusion” as fundamentals of our society and culture.

After bidding goodbye to her banking career, back in July 2011, Sarika along with a couple of her friends started a not for profit organization – Biz Divas Foundation. The outlook behind the creation of Biz Divas Foundation was to embed the idea that ‘not only women can be accomplished leaders, but also exhibit the capability of building their own personal brand’.  It’s a platform that provides awareness on inclusive practices, conducting research and building advocacy to promote inclusive leadership. Biz Divas identifies, invests and brings visibility to extraordinary women leaders from all walks of life.

Biz Divas Mentoring Program

A mentoring program gives direction that is invaluable and not just shape a career but also a life. The Biz Divas Mentoring Program emphasizes on creating a well-lit space for talented women, evolving women leaders from all over India by connecting them with the members of Biz Divas’ Powerful Leaders for a six month-long mentoring program.

Biz Divas offer three mentoring programs: Women in Boardroom, Career Growth, and Pay It Forward. These programs aim to reduce the gender-gap by nurturing and preparing more women for a headship role. Also, helping women with entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in their business ventures. These programs are open to corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Biz Divas I Inspire Annual Leadership Forum

The Biz Divas I Inspire forum honors and celebrates leaders around India working to strengthen inclusiveness, generate financial prospects for women and other minorities and protect their rights.

Biz Divas Women on Boards Network

Biz Divas Women on Boards membership is specifically for senior-level professional women who are moving up in their careers towards C Suite. This program is aimed at women across the Biz Divas network who already work at a senior level and want to boost their visibility.

Biz Divas Corporate Networking Group (CNG)

BDCN is a part of Biz Divas’ vision to help facilitate advancement of women in their career ladder as well as their contribution to economy. Organizations benefit from a holistic leadership and Biz Divas help member companies realize their goals of attracting, engaging and retaining diverse talent pool.

After 5 years of hard work and perseverance, Sarika feels, it’s time to broaden the horizons. When asked about her opinion on “If she feels women get outshined by men in terms of career and growth”, Sarika agrees to some bit but sharply intuits that times are changing, however, two major gaps that still need to be filled in are – 1) Low risk taking ability and 2) Formative years of upbringing. She also presses on the fact that women should be given a structured and constructive feedback, a sense of ownership to help them get comfortable in raising their hands for challenging opportunities.

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