Sarah Catalano Burlew, Omlie Consulting

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Sarah Catalano Burlew, Founder & CEO at Omlie Consulting, will share the story behind her title with us on June 7, 2023.

Omlie is a women-owned management consulting firm helping clients build transformative strategies and trusting teams in the health, wellness, and cannabis industries.

Sarah has worked extensively in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions that grow and scale businesses using data-driven procedures. Her open, approachable demeanor allows her to excel at uniting disparate teams around a singular, cohesive organizational vision & lead high impact transformational initiatives for clients.

Sarah will be the first to tell you — she’s not a traditional “stoner.” When she first started looking into the cannabis industry, it wasn’t for her own sake, but for her father, who suffered from chronic pain. As she learned more about the benefits of cannabis, she realized how it could significantly improve her own way of life, and she was compelled to act. Today, Sarah’s multi-million dollar, women-owned consulting firm, Omlie Consulting, is on a mission to destigmatize cannabis and expand the definition of healthcare to include cannabis.

Having been both a client and a consultant, Sarah knows that well-defined strategies often struggle or fail because the people who are asked to realize the vision haven’t been engaged and prepared to carry the work forward. Leveraging deep expertise in management consulting and traditional healthcare, she launched Omlie Consulting to help clients in the health, wellness, and cannabis industries build transformative strategies and trusting teams. 

Building Omlie from the ground up was no easy task, but Sarah and her team managed to create a multi-million dollar business within 2 years — during the heart of the pandemic. With a pioneering spirit in mind, Sarah intends to break down the taboos about cannabis through the Omlie community by educating the canna-curious.

On June 7, 2023
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