Robin Lorenzini, Lorenzini Family Foundation

Robin Lorenzini, President at Lorenzini Family Foundation, shared the story behind her title with us on Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th, 2021.

Robin worked at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland where she co-wrote numerous articles in such areas as Leadership and Group Dynamics.  After having three daughters, she founded a photography business.  She was a member of the original cohort in Social Venture Partners, which was her first entrance into philanthropic work in the Seattle Area. 

Following in that passion, she has become an experienced Philanthropist and Investor specializing in making connections that build community and improve female and non-binary run businesses.  She and her husband, Court, co-founded Duke Technoloty Scholars (DTech) Seattle, and she leads the DTech Seattle Alumnae Network. They also are huge lovers of all sport and sit on the Board of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation. 

Robin is also on the Board of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership at Villanova University where she funded and helps advise on the Leadership Ambassador Program, and on the Board of The Duke Women’s Impact Network.  She helped to create an internship program with Female Founders Alliance which paired college women who lost their internships with FFA companies.  She is also on the Board of the Center for Voter Information, an arm of Voter Participation Center which is dedicated to equity in the voting system.


In society today, particularly in the U.S., there are endless conversations around race, prejudice and inequality. For someone like Robin, who in her own words grew up privileged and white, she has a unique perspective because she experienced living in two worlds-one as a minority and one where all her peers looked the same. Robin’s integrity and life experience has led her to walk the walk and purposefully contribute in areas that defend the rights of all people.

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