Prachi Modi, Meraki 3 Ventures

“My vision is to help shape the cumbersome space of block-chain and Web3 which has fascinating potential.”

Prachi Modi

Prachi Modi, Co-Founder and CEO of Meraki 3 Ventures, shared the story behind her title with us on July 3, 2022.

Prachi is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has currently been working in web 3 & blockchain industry with a vision to help shape this cumbersome space. She is the co-founder and CEO of a boutique web 3 startup that focuses on investing and creating innovative crypto and NFT projects.

Prior to this, Prachi began her career in accounting with KPMG and then transitioned into finance with Goldman Sachs. She left corporate finance in her early 20s to figure out how to leverage her acquired skills to help create business opportunities for underprivileged communities in Uganda. After successfully starting a Bed & Breakfast in the adventure capital of East Africa (Jinja), she decided to pursue her curiosity which led to working in creative writing, theatre, digital marketing, and as a Chef in Europe. Prachi has amalgamated her knowledge and skills from all her experiences to now ensure business success for her web 3 clients. 


Prachi was born in Mumbai and came to the U.S. at age 11. While the transition was challenging because of cultural differences and judgements from other children, Prachi had the incredible support of her older sister who taught her to stay true to herself.  In honoring her own ambition, she launched a successful company in a complex field and talks about the future and potential of Web3.

Listen to our interview with Prachi below!

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