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PatFiore-FIORE-2017-7[6]Chief Inspiration Officer and President of Fiore Inspires

Pat comes from a long line of strong women…strong Italian women.  The experience she had growing up in a diverse neighborhood in New Jersey, and “poor,” instilled in her a work-ethic that has served her well to this day.

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Full Biography

Consummate business strategist, trend analyst, marketing consultant, inveterate fixer and passionate brand storyteller, Pat Fiore possesses boundless energy, grit and an unflinching desire to give back and pay it forward to make change happen in the world.

Pat has spent more than 30 years vigorously promoting Heritage Branding as a foundational premise, solving marketing and branding challenges, designing successful road maps for clients big and small. With a design degree and advanced degrees in marketing, management and communications, she began as a trend forecaster, forming her agency as a consultancy with formative brand launches, like the worldwide introduction of Lycra®, Breathables® and CoolMax® and a plethora of fashion, hospitality, electronics, consumer product and retail clients that read like a Who’s Who of successful brands.  In the years since she has attracted an international following of global companies in search of her business acumen, her authentic style of business, her intuitive grasp of complex technologies and user experiences, her unusual network of talent and the security of having her on their side driving their future initiatives.

Fiore’s roster of clients in non-profit, B-to-C and B-to-B arenas reflect her expertise in those areas where advocacy, emotional connectivity and experiential messaging resonates, including the categories of flavors and fragrance, healthy ingredients, food, fashion, beverage, lifestyle, and beauty.

She infuses compassion in her family, and as a mentor in business she builds teams that match her commitment. As a business leader she fosters positive change in her industry and for her clients.

Pat has seen diversity first hand, growing up in a poor neighborhood of an immigrant family who joined together to feed the neighbors and raise and protect their collective families against all odds.  She was raised to be a resilient, compassionate leader, fast learner and a great listener.  Pat was a single mom and took in family and friends, as well children, helping to guide, protect and mentor their lives.

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