Michelle Tenzyk


Michelle Tenzyk is President of East Tenth Group, Inc., a boutique consulting firm providing people strategy, leadership development and executive coaching services. East Tenth Group is fiercely committed to helping leaders and their businesses thrive in today’s complex environment, partnering with growth enterprise and middle-market businesses that need strategic leadership and human capital insights, perspective, and experience to grow and sustain their efforts.

Michelle is also the founder of The Truth Behind our Titles®, a global movement that aims to transform the conversations people have about the private challenges they experience that affect their corporate lives. To empower executives to realize their unique potential and inspire other professional men and women to do the same, Michelle encourages executives to share their personal stories of overcoming personal challenges and provides a platform from which they can do so.

Michelle has learned through hard work and courage to give herself permission to be fully the woman she is, in all the work that she does, to reach her own definition of success.

To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Michelle and learn more about her amazing story, listen below.


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