Joanna Jones, InterQ Research

“My goal is to become the best woman owned and women led research company in North America.”

Joanna Jones

Joanna Jones, CEO & Founder of InterQ Research, shared the story behind her title with us on Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 11th 2021.InterQ Research, a full-service market research firm headquartered in San Francisco. InterQ does research for clients that include Delta Air Lines, Twitter, Audi, and Google.

Joanna founded InterQ six years ago, after working in the ad agency world. Joanna majored in psychology and has been a lifelong student of understanding how people perceive experiences. At InterQ, she brings this passion into her work: Through qualitative interviewing, the InterQ team seeks to learn how people use products, perceive messages, and navigate digital experiences. Outside of her role at InterQ, Joanna is an avid mountain biker, skiier, cook, gardener, and travel aficionado. She was born and raised in California, where she lives with her partner, Justin, and her cat, Oliver.


Joanna’s vision is bold, but I have no doubt she will achieve exactly what she has set out to do.  Her background growing up in a rural area of California spending most of her time alone as a child, ties directly to her ability to be comfortable with risk and uncertainty.  As she shares, not having structure at every turn can turn out to be a gift.

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