January 2021 Double Dose of Inspiration

Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, and Summer Watson, British Classical Crossover Artist, shared the stories behind their titles with us on January 30th and January 31st, 2021 for our monthly Double Dose of Inspiration show.

As a leader I prefer to spend my time dreaming up the next big idea, and getting everyone on board to make it happen

Emma Isaacs

Emma is a career entrepreneur, a home birthing CEO, a prankster and a fierce friend. For 15 years now, she has been talking to women about their lives and their challenges. Emma has been lucky enough to work with some extraordinary people like Sir Richard Branson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Diane von Furstenberg, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Kate Hudson and many more.

As a Global CEO and mother of six children under the age of 11, Emma is most happy in “the busy.”  Hearing her describe a story of being 8 years old and taking a train without her parents permission also speaks to her adventurous side. I would say one of Emma’s greatest life lessons is that taking action will outweigh planning every time, and always lead to success.

If we lead and live our life from a place of love, kindness and compassion, everything flows exactly as it’s meant to.

Summer Watson

A big voice with an even bigger heart, soprano Summer is a singer on a mission. The chart-topping international vocalist aims to inspire as well as entertain. “Go for your dreams and never give up” is the message of this world class classical crossover artist. Having beaten breast cancer and survived a deadly train crash she knows all too well the setbacks that challenge us in life.

Many of us have challenges in life-some more than others. In Summer’s case, she faced two challenges that drastically impacted her perspective and cemented her awareness of just how fragile life is. In 2002 she was in a severe train derailment in England and in 2014 was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Summer’s greatest gift now, outside of her music, is to help others wake up to what truly matters in life, and to encourage people to live their lives authentically

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