Heidi Messer, Collective[i] 

 “Entrepreneurs are universal optimists and it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur, specifically to be a woman entrepreneur.”

Heidi Messer

Heidi Messer, Chairperson, co-Founder, and Collective[i] Forecast Host, shared the story behind her title with us on April 5, 2023.

Heidi is an entrepreneur and investor who has founded several global businesses, most notably LinkShare and  Collective[I].  Heidi also served as a board member, President, and Chief Operating Officer of LinkShare, helping to create the sector of online marketing commonly referred to as affiliate marketing.

Collective[i] is on a mission to help companies, sales professionals, and connectors be more prosperous with shared [human and artificial] intelligence. Whether it be in the form of automated CRM activity and contact capture, one click daily forecasting, access to a community who can provide warm introductions and referrals, or the ability to collaborate more effectively, we provide a platform for revenue growth in the post-Covid era. Our name stands for Collective Intelligence– a concept that when knowledge is shared, everyone wins.


Heidi grew up in Westchester, NY among a family of entrepreneurs.  Initially, her first aspiration as a young girl was “to be President of the United States!”  After the passing of her father when she was just 11, it was all hands on deck to carry on and help Mom with the family business.  That first introduction to what it takes to run a company offered so many lessons that allowed Heidi to go on and build her own companies.

Listen to our interview with Heidi below, on your favorite podcasting app, or watch on 6abc.com!

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