Hadeel Jaradat, Rawabi City

In the area of facilities management in Palestine, I am very proud to have a growing number of female employees!

Hadeel Jaradat
Headshot of Hadeel Jaradat, Facility Manager for Rawabi City.

Hadeel Jaradat, Facility Manager for Rawabi City, shared the story behind her title with Women To Watch Media® on May 31, 2020.

Hadeel was born and raised in Hebron, Palestine, and graduated from Birzeit University with a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in 2014.

After graduation, Hadeel immediately joined Bayti Real Estate Investment Company, the developer of Rawabi and worked closely with it’s founder, Bashar Masri, to lead the facility management department. As the only female in that department with over 130 male employees; six years later, Hadel is proud to have a growing number of female employees in leadership positions.

Sue says…

Growing up in Hebron Palestine where girls were expected to marry young and start families, Hadeel had different ideas for herself. She tackled chess, auto maintenance and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering leading to her managing over 130 men in Rawabi City. Her enthusiasm for her work and life is a true testament to the power of following your own path in life.

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Hadeel Jaradat – Rawabi City – May 31, 2020

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