Eunice Ajim, Ajim Capital

Despite landing a job at a company like Apple, I recognized quickly that I hated corporate America. I decided I needed to go build my own company and would be rewarded because that is what excites me.” 

Eunice Ajim

Eunice Ajim, a Cameroonian-American Tech Entrepreneur, Investor and the Founder of Ajim Capital, shared the story behind her title with us on November 16, 2022.

Ajim Capital is a venture capital firm based in the US that invests in early-stage technology startup companies in Africa. We believe that African entrepreneurs have the power to create valuable businesses using technology that compete on a global scale while massively changing the lives of Africans.

Eunice is an executive with experience ranging from start-up funding and management to leading a $10M+ tech startup. She has a track record of leading business organizations to profitable, market-winning positions in hyper-competitive environments.

She was previously a co-founder of OpenTeams, an online marketplace that makes it easy for users of open source to connect and transact with service providers.

Prior to OpenTeams, she founded DataGig, an online marketplace where enterprises hired vetted data experts and vendors for their big data and analytics projects on-demand.

Prior to founding DataGig, she was a Product Consultant and Analyst at Apple.

She’s also a Founder Institute and SputnikATX alumni, programs that teach all facets of start-up development and growth from concept, to fund-raising, to validation and expansion, all the way to exit.

Eunice strongly believes in educating, equipping, and empowering the next generation of African founders, investors, and innovators on the continent and in the diaspora.


Coming to the U.S. from Africa at age 15 for an education, Eunice had big dreams.  She knew early on that she would eventually become an entrepreneur. Following in her father’s footsteps, she started her own venture capital firm at the age of only 26. Now her sights are set on changing the ecosystem and opportunities for the entire continent of Africa. Tune in to see how she plans to do just that.

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