Esther Kestenbaum, Ruby Has

“As a leader, we are always balancing our values and those of the people we work with.”

Esther Kestenbaum

Esther Kestenbaum, President & COO of Ruby Has, shared the story behind her title with us on Saturday, February 13th and Sunday, February 14th, 2021.

Esther has held leadership and C-Suite roles within venture-backed ecommerce and retail technology companies for 20 years, including several exits – both acquisitions and IPOs. Prior to Ruby Has, Esther was CEO of DayOne, a baby and prenatal ecommerce, retail and B2B services company. Prior to that, she was founder and CEO of TheShops.TV, an ecommerce company leveraging QVC-style video. Esther has also held SVP and VP roles with retail marketing technology companies specializing in mobile, ad tech and data analytics. She has a strong background in fundraising, corporate governance, and media relations, along with significant supply chain background and certifications such as Six Sigma Black Belt and the APICS CPIM certification.


It was clear from early on that Esther would be someone others would follow as evidenced by the 20 high school girls who followed her on a spontaneous trip to Coney Island during the school day! Perhaps because she lost her Mom at age 8 and was a single child to a Dad that encouraged her to aim high, she developed a confidence to continually take advantage of opportunities. Either way, Esther is a prime example of a woman who embraced challenges and found excitement in finding solutions in times of crises

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