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erin-in-studioQVC, Television Host & Contributor

Erin Elmore’s career has taken several twists and turns but remains grounded in one theme…the commitment to work hard and the desire to engage with people from all walks of life.

With a law degree from Villanova University, Erin set out to challenge herself both professionally and personally through a stint on “The Apprentice,” saying yes to an invitation for a role in the 2016-2017 political campaign for President Elect Donald Trump, and her continued acceptance of requests from media to host and contribute her knowledge and expertise.

To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Erin and learn more about her story, listen below.

Full Biography

Erin Elmore is an international, on-air, political correspondent and campaign spokesperson for President-Elect Donald Trump. She has been featured on CNN, Fox, FoxBusiness, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Good Morning Britain and more. Recently, Erin conducted several one-on-one interviews with Ivanka Trump focusing on women’s issues. Erin was also a successful contestant the hit NBC show, “The Apprentice”.

For the last seven years, Erin has also worked as an on-air host (in the travel category) for QVC. She is a graduate of Villanova University School of Law and earned her undergraduate degree in both political science and broadcasting from the University of Miami, cum laude.

Other notable accomplishments include being a mom to three and a half year-old Royce Elmore Spitzer and wife to tech entrepreneur, Craig M. Spitzer.

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