Dr. Elsie Koh, Azura Vascular Care

I was known to be a very obedient daughter growing up in the Korean Culture..accepting what I was told to do. Then one day I decided to speak up.

Dr. Elsie Koh

Dr. Elsie Koh, Medical Director, Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Regional Medical Officer of Azura Vascular Care, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, November 17, 2019.

Elsie grew up in West Virginia with Korean parents who very much adhered to the values and traditions of the Korean culture. She listened, obeyed and did what she was told to do. The problem was she had questions, and was curious and learned later that in order to follow her dreams, she needed to speak up. Listen in to hear the moment she recognized she needed to change.

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Dr. Elsie Koh – Azura Vascular Care -November 17, 2019

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