Deb D’Arcangelo, Council for Relationships

What I believe is that all humans are the same. The difference is in our opportunities and sometimes luck.

Deb D’Arcangelo,

Deb D’Arcangelo, CEO of the Council for Relationships, joined us on March 22, 2020 to share the story behind her title.

Our interview with Deb was an unusual one as it took place in the midst of the Coronavirus Epidemic, and we had to conduct it from home. While we recorded remotely and talked about the fears, uncertainty and confusion that we are all facing, Deb reminisced about her decision to leave Wall Street and move into a field that would allow her to help those that perhaps did not have the opportunities she had growing up.

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Deb D’Arcangelo – Council for Relationships – March 22, 2020

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