Cricket Lee, Fitlogic

cricket-headshotFounder and CEO of Fitlogic

Cricket Lee decided one day to wear pants to her high school who’s dress code was for all the girls to wear dresses.  She was immediately reprimanded and sent home. She did what any young girl would do and got a group of girls to ban together and “all” wear pants to school to not only make a statement, but to change the policy once and for all.  This one incident was a sign of Cricket’s fortitude and the beginning of numerous attempts to change the status quo.

To hear Women to Watch™ Media’s interview with Cricket and learn more about her story, listen below.

Full Biography

Cricket has developed and launched hugely successful campaigns for companies like Saks 5th Avenue, Ralph Lauren, Ford Models and Hanes. Over her career she has gotten over 72 state and national awards for advertising excellence including a Gold American Advertising Award – the highest advertising honor you can get. Most recently she has developed and tested a patented commercial apparel fit standard called Fitlogic. (What that means is the we should never have to try on clothes again once the industry has adopted it). It has been tested in Nordstrom, Macy’s, QVC, and online. During her development period she has had over 750 stories written about her journey including a cover story in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Today Show, Forbes, Vanity Fair and much more. In the past year she was able to prove the concept with her own house brand LittleBlackPant, and is now going back to the fashion industry to get them to license the fit system into an App much like Uber that will locate clothes that fit you.

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