Coaches Corner Featuring Claudia Post

Claudia Post, Founder and CEO of MOST Consulting Group, was featured on the November 21, 2020 episode of our Coaches Corner Podcast, during which BJ Gray, the founder of GrayMatter Coaching, discussed owning your potential.

Claudia is an award-winning, seasoned leader, business owner, and nonprofit executive. Post built Diamond Courier Service, a delivery service, from one location and four employees into the national Diamond Transportation Group, a multi-million-dollar organization with 10 locations, over 350 employees. Then she founded Claudia Post Advisors, a marketing, sales, logistics, and management consulting company. Recognizing cannabis as the next frontier, Post founded Most Consulting Group – which focuses on marketing for cannabis companies.

The W2W Coaches Corner is a weekly episodic podcast during which our team of experts bring you valuable insights and inspiration from their work with executives and entrepreneurs from across the country!

Our coaches include BJ Gray, whose experience as a top executive with Fortune 500 companies gives her a unique understanding of what both employees and companies need to be successful. She started GrayMatter Coaching to help leaders improve their inner game.

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