Coaches Corner Featuring Cherie Burton

Cherie Burton, Speaker, Author, Host of Women Seeking Wholeness,  was featured on the January 16, 2021 episode of our Coaches Corner Podcast, during which BJ Gray, the founder of GrayMatter Coaching, discussed whether self-improvement can fail.

For decades, Cherie battled feelings of shame, insignificance & depression. She has a family pedigree riddled with addiction & mental illness. As a 20-something new mom, Cherie said goodbye to her firstborn—a girl—when she was 4 days old, which launched her into a major depressive episode that could have ended my life. Cherie later earned a psych degree and became a counselor at a behavioral facility, a psychiatric hospital, and an addiction recovery center. She would also visit siblings who were patients in these places; places that it became abundantly clear to her didn’t hold the big healing picture.

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Our coaches include BJ Gray, whose experience as a top executive with Fortune 500 companies gives her a unique understanding of what both employees and companies need to be successful. She started GrayMatter Coaching to help leaders improve their inner game.

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