Christi Brown, iReportSource

Christi BRown2

Christi Brown the Founder and CEO of iReportSource, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, May 27, 2018.

Christi Brown is the Founder and CEO of iReportSource, a smart mobile, workplace safety platform. This is her second start‐up. She recently successfully exited her first start‐up. A service business in the Workers’ Comp Industry, in Ohio. She and her business partner started it out of her basement and grew the company over 5 years to almost 700 clients and $1.2 million in recurring revenue. Her passion, perseverance, and positive attitude have aided her in overcoming the obstacles that entrepreneurs face.

Christi Brown is an advocate for female entrepreneurs and iReportSource is a WBENC and WFOB certified company. Christi attended the University of Cincinnati, and dropped out to pursue a career in purchasing and start a family.

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