Catherine Cahill, The Mann Center

As a young hopeful cello student from rural NJ, I always dreamed of working in a culturally exciting city. If one believes in angels, my guardian angel led me to where I was meant to be-Philadelphia.

Catherine M. Cahill

Catherine M. Cahill, the President & CEO of the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, June 16 2019.

Catherine’s love of music stems from both her DNA and exposure as a young girl. Her mother who was an Opera singer died when she was 29 and Catherine was only two months old. While she never met her, she believes her presence has continued to guide her successful career in the arts.

Listen below to hear our full interview with Catherine!

Catherine M. Cahill – Mann Center for the Performing Arts – June 16, 2019.

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