BJ Gray, GrayMatter Coaching

After the death of my father when I was 13, from that point on, I looked at everything through a filter of needing to be safe.

BJ Gray

BJ Gray, the Founder of GrayMatter Coaching, shared the story behind her title with us on Sunday, September 13th, 2020

BJ’s experience as a top executive with Fortune 500 companies gives her a unique understanding of what both employees and companies need to be successful. She started GrayMatter Coaching to help leaders improve their inner game.

The leadership 3.0 program is not only to level up their EQ skills but to build the Mental Fitness that is necessary when they are the glue holding people together in today’s challenging environment. Whether it be complex business environments or when the outside world is in chaos, employees want to be engaged in a different way. It has a lot to do with human development and the mastery that you already have inside you.

The cornerstone to her program is using a proven cognitive behavior strategies to help shift awareness & develop a better mindset strategy. This is key to leaders breaking through in another way, a Brave Leadership Style.


BJ’s story is one I would imagine many people can relate to.  The sudden loss of someone we love will often instantly change our outlook on life. After losing her Dad at the age of 13, BJ’s main focus in her decisions and motivation centered around the need to feel safe. Today she works with leaders to help them uncover their own motivations, and how they can become better leaders through more self-awareness.  

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