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Headshot_Nov17Founder and CEO of On the Goga

“Happy people do great things” is one of Anna Greenwald’s mantras and as the Founder of On the Goga, she is proving this theory to be true. After suffering a vocal cord injury that derailed her plans of being a singer, she discovered yoga and it’s healing power for both the mental and the physical. She decided to turn this new found love into a business.

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Full Biography

Anna Greenwald is the Founder and CEO of On the Goga, a Philadelphia based corporate wellness company that is lead by a simple guiding principal: Happy People Do Great Things. While her background as a yoga and mindfulness teacher eventually led her to start this business, Anna’s first passion was always singing.

Anna grew up in Madison, Wisconsin with her mother (Nancy), father (Roger), brother (Dan), and sister (Lylah) and studied classical vocal performance since the age of 10.

When she was 15 Anna earned a spot at the Interlochen Arts Academy where she studied vocal performance before being accepted into Drexel University’s Music Industry program. While she was earning her joint degree in music production and business at Drexel and just after the release of her first EP, Anna sustained a vocal injury that prevented her from singing and speaking for almost 6 months. Based on the recommendation of her doctor, she took up yoga which lead her to the understanding that happy (healthy) people, do great things.

What started as a yoga and mindfulness company aimed at empowering non-traditional yogis, has transformed over the years into an organization that helps companies drive success through wellness, top-tier recruitment, and happiness.

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