Ami Bharat Chheda & Laxmi Maharjan, Legislative Fellows

We can not believe the passion that the women in the U.S. have for their work and their individual leadership goals. We hope to take this passion back to our home countries in India and Nepal in order to foster support from our men, and provide new lessons for our boys.

Ami Bharat Chheda & Laxmi Maharjan
Ami Bharat Chheda (L), Susan Rocoo
(C) and Laxmi Maharjan (R) in studio!

Laxmi Maharjan, a Journalist from Nepal and Ami Bharat Chheda,a Youth Advocate, Consultant and Communications Specialist in India, were both visiting Philadelphia for a Fellowship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. They shared the story behind their titles with us on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Our conversation with Ami and Laxmi was an eye opener that left us with a strong sense of gratitude for life here in the U.S.. As women we are free here to do as we chose, believe what we want and pursue any dream that speaks to us. This is not the case in many other countries. We forget sometimes just how fortunate and privileged we are to live in America. 

Listen below to hear our full interview with Ami and Laxmi!

Ami Bharat Chheda & Laxmi Maharjan – Legislative Fellows – May 26, 2019

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