Women to Read

Recommended reading from Women to Watch Media™

balancing-actJoslyn Ewart
Balancing Act 

headtrashTish Squillaro

headtrash2Tish Squillaro
HeadTrash 2

million-dollar-womenJulia Pimsleur
Million Dollar Women

healing-conDr. Beth Dupree
The Healing Consciousness

breaking-into-the-boys-clubMolly D. Shepard
Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

Kayte Connelly
Engaging Your Board:It’s Raining Yen


Jen Groover
What If & Why Not

beyond-office-politicsLinda Sommer
Beyond Office Politics

hoverAnne A. Wilson

presenceAmy Cuddy

5-degreeShannon Cassidy
The 5 Degree Principle

happiness millionaireJanet Jones
Happiness Millionaire:
Motivation at a Glance

4-star-dietLaura Wellington
The Four Star Diet

stiletto-networkPamela Ryckman
Stiletto Network

law-and-reorderDeborah Epstein Henry
Law & Reorder 

whitey-on-trialMargaret McLean
Whitey on Trial
become-your-own-bossMelinda Emerson
Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months
life-happensLisa Bien
Life Happens: Bounce Back
happily-ever-afterTrista Sutter
Happily Ever After
bliss-mistressEdie Weinstein
The Bliss Mistress
granny-pantiesMary Fran Bontempo
Not Ready for Granny Panties
the-womans-book-of-dirty-words-1Mary Fran Bontempo
The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words
finding-faithTiffany Andersen
Finding Faith
wig-diamondsRandi Rentz
Why Buy a Wig, When You can Buy Diamonds!
cocktail-club-cover-jpeg-resizeMaureen Petrosky
The Wine Club and The Cocktail Club
braveMargie Warrell
sayswhoOra Nadrich
Says Who?