Sandra Lawrence, Author & Community Champion

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Sandra Lawrence, Author & Community Champion, will share the story behind her title with us on October 4, 2023.

Sandra was raised in a loving family with her brother and parents in West Philly. She is a Deaconess, Drama director, and choir member, at Vine Memorial Baptist Church.

Sandra began her professional career as an educator. Early on she recognized that our children bring many social service issues to the classroom that greatly impact their success in life. She left the field of education and entered the social services. Sandra retired from Philadelphia Corporation for Aging in 2018 where she was employed as the Interfaith Outreach Coordinator.

Sandra is the founder and CEO of ICAP, Inc (Intergenerational Community Alliances & Programs) a non-profit as part of her mission work assigned by God. She provides workshops and motivational speaking on select topics. She is a board member to FUNTIMES Magazine. She has been blessed to parent her son, Rasheen who is a strong Black man with Christian values and lifestyle.

Sandra was co-founder of The Black Adoption Consortium, Inc , agency from 1991-2000. (She retired from the agency to become a Caregiver for her father and then mother.)

She has been featured in national and local news media as an adoption and permanency rights advocate for Afrikan American children. She is an author and holds membership in various socially impacting organizations and task forces.

Sandra has a dual degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education from Pennsylvania State University. She has received numerous certificates in the area of Social Services. She is a novice connoisseur of the arts and enjoys finding her story through history and music.

The Sandy part of her believes that self-discovering her life purpose is a never-ending process because she is always evolving and if we share our pain and our joy to help others along the way then our living is not in vain.

On October 4, 2023
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