Kelley Black

Kelley Black UpdateTransformation Catalyst

Kelley Black is a New York-based Advisor, Strategist, and Performance Enhancer and Executive/Life Coach for select, executive innovators and their teams. Her extensive experience in business, branding, communications and life provides her clients with the substance that is the foundation of her wisdom. Kelley is committed to bringing a heart-centered consciousness to her clients. Her “Heart of Innovation” presentation at Business Innovation Factory (BIF) in 2016 had innovators lining up to speak with her. Kelley raises the bar on change management, performance, culture creation and innovation. Back in 2002, Kelley shook up the business world by incorporating metaphysics into her coaching methodology. She also understands the differences between how feminine and masculine energies intersect helping bridge the gender divide to create optimum, collaborative strategies. Kelley Black helps people make change their ally and takes them to the 4th dimension.

Kelley is a woman who’s unique work helps men and women mentally, emotionally, and physically, and in turn allows them to become better business leaders.

To hear the full Women to Watch™ Media interview with Kelley , listen below.

For more information regarding Kelley, check out the links below!




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